Come and experience Kenna Gordon’s first book series, The Celtic Rose Trilogy. In this interconnected trio of novellas Kasey and Katelin Quinn, identical twins, discover that their perfect world is not what it seems to be. The discovery of their biological father, secret’s their mother kept from them, and a faded photograph, will change their lives in ways they could never imagine.

This series takes place in both America and Ireland, spans four generations, and explores the pitfalls of love, the importance of loyalty, and what it means to be a part of something bigger than you. I hope you enjoy the journey!

The Celtic Rose Trilogy…

Book One: “The Last Rose of Summer”

Katelin Quinn had a storybook life until tragedy changed its course. Along the road to recovery Kate discovers a forbidden love, a mother’s secret, and a handsome stranger that will change her life, and the life of her sister Kasey, forever. A postcard, faded by time, will lead Katelin back to her Irish heritage, and into the arms of the man she was meant to love.

“Hold on to the people you love—hold on tight.”

       *Now available on Amazon

        Book Two: “A Wild Rose in Spring”

        Maybe life was not as black and white as Kasey Quinn wanted it to be. It seemed her life had been determined before she was born. The schools she would attend, the clothes she wore, the people she called her friends and the day she would take her place in the family business. But fate had a different plan for Kasey’s life. A predetermined plan that was set in motion years before, when the lives of five people converged and her journey with Sean McKenna began.

“Life is about the freedom to be whom and what we are–Irish.”

         *Now available on Amazon

          Book Three: “Winter’s White Rose”

     Kathleen Murphy Quinn was born in Ireland. A small country with a big heart, struggling to find its independence. Her love for Patrick O’Connor and the choices she makes will not only affect her life but the lives of generations to follow. This is a story of love, sacrifice, and devotion to family; reminding us that freedom is a precious gift. 

“True love can never be forgotten because it is inscribed in our hearts.

A Standalone Novel… “The Willows”  

                   Willow Creek was a sleepy little town on the eastern plains of Colorado, but the disappearance of Tiffany Sanders and a handsome stranger would change all that.

© Copyright 2014. Kenna Gordon.  All rights reserved.


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