The History Show American Civil War Specials– RTE Radio One Podcasts

If you enjoy reading about history, especially Irish-American history you’ll enjoy this blog/podcast on the Irish-American role in the Civil War. Great information! Cheers, Kenna

Irish in the American Civil War

Dr. Myles Dungan has been a long-standing advocate for developing a greater understanding in Ireland of our links to the American Civil War. The Irish relationship with the United States is one he has explored on several occasions in his books, such as Distant Drums: Irish Soldiers in Foreign Armies and How the Irish Won the West. He was also responsible for Ireland’s first ever dedicated day of lectures on the Irish experience of the American Civil War, which took place at the Hay Festival in Kells, Co. Meath, last year. Those in Ireland will be familiar with Myles’s outstanding contribution to public engagement with history through his long running RTE Radio One broadcast The History Showwhich has examined themes relating to the Irish and the American Civil War on numerous occasions. Over the last two weeks in Ireland, Myles broadcast two special episodes of The History…

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