A History Lesson…

Exciting news!… “A Wild Rose In Spring,” book two in The Celtic Rose Trilogy is due out this week. I promise to share more on this topic in next week’s blog–stay tuned!

With that project completed I have moved on to book three, “Winter’s White Rose”, the final book in the Celtic Rose series. This book revolves around Katelin and Kasey Quinn’s mother Kathleen.

Kathleen Sinead Murphy was born in County Cork, Ireland, a small country with a big heart, struggling to find its independence. Kathleen’s love for Patrick O’Connor and the choices she makes will not only affect her life but the lives of her daughters.

“Winter’s White Rose,” is a story of love, sacrifice, and devotion to family. And a lesson in history that reminds us that freedom is a precious gift.

In researching this book I’ve learned a lot about Irelands history, and yes my own heritage. This week I discovered a Google website that gives the viewer an insight into the Easter uprising of 1916 and how it changed the Ireland of today (click on the link below). I hope you enjoy the journey!  Cheers, Kenna

Dublin Rising 1916-2016

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