It’s stuck in my head, and I can’t get it out!


I have read varying opinions on writers block and how to solve the problem. Do writing exercises, lots of them. Go for a walk, don’t go for a walk, just keep writing (burying her face in her hands this writer stops to sigh). Is this making you as anxious as it is making me? Meanwhile, I am still staring at my computer screen until I throw up my hands and go do the laundry. It’s there; I know it is! I have an idea, and I understand the story I want to write, but it’s stuck in my head and I can’t get it out—what do I do?

Here is my suggestion… If the story, scene, or blog post isn’t developing like you want it to, maybe it doesn’t want to be told! In that case, it is time to shift gears.

I remember when I first developed my idea for The Celtic Rose Trilogy. I have to confess it wasn’t going to be a trilogy, and it wasn’t Celtic. It was the story of a young woman, Katelin Stephens, who happened to have a twin sister. Hhhmmm, what if you saw the same storyline from a differently angle—her sister Kasey’s point of view. Sounds good, but it didn’t end there. The original story revolved around their mother and the secret she kept from them until she passed away, sounds like another story to me—aha, a trilogy is born!

By the way, I’m not finished with this tale of intrigue and suspense. The most dramatic turn of events would come almost a year after I had nearly finished book one in the trilogy. The original story took place in Colorado and Paris, France. It revolved around the lives of the Stephens family; that is until I realized they were Irish—oh my! My heart sank as I considered the months of rewrites ahead of me, but it was where the story wanted me to go, and I had to let it take me there. Even though the shift in the storyline caused many sleepless nights it was part of what I love most about writing—the process. The reward is eventually seeing a project develop into a story that the readers will enjoy reading just as much as I enjoyed writing it.

The moral to this story…

  • Don’t fear writer’s block, because maybe, just maybe, your story is trying to tell you something.
  • Relax, and let the story take you where it wants to go.
  • Be patient, and give the process time, you will be glad you did!


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