I Have Been Accused Of Playing With People’s Lives…


Okay, they are not “real” people; they are the characters that live in my story world. I create good people, bad people and everyone in between. I kill off their boyfriends; I force them to marry people they don’t like, constantly throwing their lives into general chaos. However, as in most romantic fiction, they eventually find their happily ever after.

Here is a tip that I have found helpful while creating a character—consider the characters back-story. As I well know, everyone has his or her “issues”. If you don’t have “issues”, I’m guessing you haven’t lived life. What is your character’s back-story? Have they had their heart broken? If they have, consider this…

♥ An angry heart resists love.
♥ A fearful heart puts up walls to keep the hurt out.
♥ An unforgiving heart blames others for their sadness.
♥ A judgmental heart, not only judges others, but themselves as well.
♥ A heavy heart is sad and ashamed (depending on the circumstances).

I am sure you could list more as you begin to think about your experiences, and those around you. The most important thing is to take your time and consider your characters story, including the bits and pieces that will never appear on the written page. The deeper and richer you can make your character, the more interesting they will be—and the reader will want to know more!

“The world is a stage we walk upon. We are all in a way fictional characters who write ourselves with our beliefs.” —Louis Theroux

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