The Reviews Are In!

5-star-reputationMy book “The Last Rose of Summer” as been on the market for about a month now and the reviews are in! Let me share just a couple…

The Last Rose of Summer is the first book that Kenna Gordon has written, and she has done an awesome job. The Last Rose of Summer has everything you could hope for in a book. There is a good plot, characters that you cannot help but like and cheer for, and a believable storyline offering the happiness and sorrows of life. Kenna Gordon will quickly become a leading author in the contemporary romance field. The Last Rose of Summer is a book worth reading; it will leave you wanting to know more about the Quinn family. Kenna Gordon has written a story that will keep you up way past your bedtime and have you neglecting your chores. The Last Rose of Summer is a winner and Kenna Gordon a star author. Calling everyone who enjoys a good romance story to be sure and read this one – you will be glad you did. —Trudi

This novella began in a quite predictable but charming way, with eighteen-year-old Katelin preparing to begin her music studies at Julliard. A carefree teenager, she goes for a motorbike ride with her boyfriend, his brother Myles and their best friend. The ride ends tragically, with Katelin badly injured and her boyfriend Nick, dead. It was no surprise that Myles, suffering survivor’s guilt and secretly in love with Katelin would support her through her long and painful recovery – then the story altered as secrets are revealed, and the story changed in a way I didn’t expect.

I shan’t reveal any more here so as not to spoil the experience for future readers; however I found myself turning pages faster and faster until I reached the end. A short, but very enjoyable read which may change your feelings about pre-destiny, the choices we make for ourselves and who we think we are. —Anita

I recently read, “reviews make an author’s world go round”, I am learning how true those words are. With that said, let me close with a recommendation.

A fellow author suggested I check out “Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules” you can find her at . This site not only offers book reviews but support for authors. I encourage any author to check it out! Thank you Nonnie—what a great idea!!

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