Dream BIG…

I am now going to shamelessly promote my book which is out on Amazon today!! It has been a long and sometimes bumpy journey, but to see my dream become a reality is far more than just exciting. However, I have mentioned in previous blogs that marketing is not my forte; I would rather create characters, devise plots, and simply write. But, having been in the business world for many years I also understand the importance of marketing, my authors platform, and building a following that will buy my books for many years to come (as you can see I dream BIG).

I recently read a list of do’s and don’ts when promoting your book. Now, I have to say I Don’t usually follow all the rules unless I see a good reason to. With that said, here are some of my favorite Don’ts on that list.

ü  Don’t seek support from your writer friends; they are your competition… Okay, but some of them have also proven to be a great support system.

ü  Don’t follow those that follow you on twitter, you’ll look like a newbie… If it will help expand my network, and build an audience I say, “where you lead I will follow!”

ü  This is a good one; if you Don’t enjoy marketing you’re not doing it right… Huh? I am a writer, not a marketer, doesn’t this guy get it? I eat my broccoli because I know it’s good for me, does that mean I’ll fall in love with broccoli? NO

ü  This is my favorite…Don’t give up!! Now there is some advice we can all use. Roman wasn’t built in a day. The building of my book empire will take time and patience (yes, I’m dreaming BIG again).

With that said here comes the shameless plug…a snippet from “The Last Rose of Summer” Book One of the Celtic Rose Trilogy. Check it out, Like it, Share it, Follow, and pass it along—Thank you!

Katelin began to shiver as she felt the cold mountain stream splash against her face. The smell of pine trees and gasoline that permeated Kate’s nostrils made her stomach feel queasy. She called out to Nick, but the air was silent. Where was Nick? Was he okay? Where were Bryan and Myles? Was someone calling for help? She could hear the sound of muffled voices, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. Katelin suddenly realized a sharp shooting pain in her arms and legs. Was she dying? Would she see her family again? God, why wasn’t someone calling for help? Her body was cold, and she felt as if life around her was moving in slow motion. She tried to call for Nick again but, as hard as she tried, Kate couldn’t get the words to leave her mouth. “Katie, Katie” she heard Myles say as she felt consciousness fade from her.

You can purchase a copy of “The Last Rose of Summer” at   


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