Welcome! I am Kenna Gordon, an author, and writer of romantic fiction.

You could say that my love for writing began in grade school when my young imagination was expressed through storytelling. My time in study hall (remember study hall?) was spent creating characters, developing story structure and plot, in other words—writing stories. Once I had a family of my own my stories, unfortunately, ended up in a drawer where they sat for nearly two decades.

After graduating from college with a business degree, I began my career as a technical writer. I developed training modules, wrote office policy, and employee handbooks. Needless to say, technical writing did not provide the creativity I craved, and so, seven years ago I decided to pull my short stories, poetry, and the beginnings of a novel out of my drawer and began my writing journey.

I am the author and writer of The Celtic Rose Trilogy. Book one, “The Last Rose of Summer” and book two, “A Wild Rose in Spring” are available on Amazon. I am currently working on book three in the trilogy, “Winters White Rose”, as well as a stand-alone novel, “The Willows.” All current and upcoming projects can be found on my projects page.

Come, join me on my literary adventure!

The Celtic Rose Graphic

This graphic was designed by my husband specifically for “The Celtic Rose Trilogy”. Please, do not use without written permission.

© Copyright 2014. Kenna Gordon.  All rights reserved.

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